Last day of camping

Our last day camping, I stayed at the camp site while Russell was at his workshop,  It was a beautiful day.  It stated out needing a camp fire but it ended up with me working outside.

This was my workspace.  I actually got sunburned after a week of mostly rain.  It was truly restful.

Russell took better pictures of the sweater.  I just like the last one.  I worked on a skirt while I was at the picnic table.  I tried to put a connected petticoat with it but decided it would be to warm for normal life.  I also need some of my regular tools.  I just did not remember everything.  But it was not bad for a first time.

And my new machine works like a dream!


new crochet hooks

When we travel, I have a tendency to check out new yarn shops because I do not particularly care for the ones I have found close to home.

And I usually have Russell with me so he can pick out yarns.  And this time I have two new crochet hooks.

This is the yarn that Russell picked out for socks.  It is Cascade Yarn's wool sock yarn.  I definitely needed a new hook!  Here it is.  This does not show how tiny it truly it is.

I picked up some magnum yarn by Cascade yarns and need an N hook.  I am making a sweater with this.

Here is is without sleeves.  I started from the top and worked my way down.  There are no sleeves on it here.  I added an extra stitch every other row on the front two panels to create some interest.  I also added a mandarin collar.  I also finished the front edge with a single stitch.

I finished the sleeves.  It just needs a zipper or buckles down the front.  I have to decide.


temporary workspace

It has been interesting working in a workspace that is not my normal. 

Today is the first day that it has been truly sunny and I have been at the campsite.  It is really not warm enough to work outside unless I am close to the fire so it makes it difficult to sew.  

So I have been crocheting a lot.  It does not help that I found a yarn shop in the area that I really like.

Russell forgot to bring my sourdough starter and I do not bake with store boughten yeast anymore.  I am working on creating a new starter

Sourdough Starter

1 cup flour

3/4 cup water

Let sit out for a week until it bubbles and smells sours.  Use in place of yeast, keeping back 2 tablespoons starter.  You will refresh it with 1 cup flour and 3/4 cup of water the next time you chose to bake.  Always keep back at least 2 tablespoons and put in a glass jar.  Refrigerate.

Now if you have to rush the process like I am doing add:

add 1/8 teaspoon active dry yeast.

Go through the feeding and using process for the whole week.  You should have a fairly strong starter by the end of the week that will be find in the refrigerator or freezer until your next use.

Sourdough starter is really that simple.  The big thing is patience.  Give the yeastie beasties time to work.  They are slow and strong.  Just like the turtle <wink>.  And then you can have pancakes, bread, pizza, cake....



Today is the first day of autumn.

And this is what is outside my "door."  I am feeling extremely spoiled.

This is Panamint Cafe Mobil Unit Two or in another words, our travel trailer where I create yummy goodness for our tummies.  Russell would not know what to do if we had to go out to eat all the time.  We are seeing a lot of his brother and we are having to eat out.  How odd!  It means he will probably not get the choice to eat out again for months!

I finished the afghan I was working on the drive here.  For finishing it, it was advantageous that we had a tire disintegrate but that was not helpful for nerves.  You cannot see the damage to Aria (Panamint Cafe Mobil Unit 2) because I was very careful with picture.  That gave me the time to finish the last few rows but we were very ready to get to our "home."



We get to be home for almost a week!  I am so excited.  Russell is taking a workshop on the making of Damascus for knife making.  He is also getting to see his brother which has not happened in close to ten years.

Me you ask?


I get to create in this kitchen after having shopped at a co-op!  I real live co-op!  It is something I have to come home to be able to do.

I get to find new yarn shops and try crazy things like make socks.  I get to drive crazy windy mountain roads and coast roads.  I get to walk on the beach.  I get to see the first colors of autumn.  I get to use my new sewing machine to create things.  The only thing I will probably not get to do is sew outside because the forecast is for rain all week.  I think I can deal!

This comes to you from Black Bear Coffee Company.  Fabulous pumpkin pie and coffee.