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a shirt

My Beloved was looking at his work shirts and realized that he needed more.  His idea was to add shirts that were new and he could wear shirts that were wearing out.  That did not really work though because he got work shirts with the company logo and his name on it!  I have my own as well.  I use them for when I am learning to sharpen and when I do all the carpentry.

That does mean I have three shirts planned out for him.  Even though he does not really need them.  This is the first of those shirts.  The background is black which REALLY works for him.  He cannot keep anything light colored clean.  I have started overdyeing everything to make it last longer.

He had very definite requirements for the pocket so it is his design.  A place for a pen.  A button.  And he likes color so the plackets, pocket, and collar all need to be color.  The next shirt has squirrels on the colorful fabric.

I keep thinking I need to start using this pattern or something similar for myself.  I do like white but I would have to be willing to overdye my own sometime later in its life.  I am making an old white nightgown into a skirt and part of the process is overdyeing.  I keep thinking I have too many clothes but I keep repairing and changing what I already have. 

The sewing is a nice change but I have really gone down a rabbit hole with a sweater I am making.  Maybe soon it will be done!

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