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I was fed well!

Wednesday, when I am usually working on a post here, I was taken to dinner.  Actually it was more then just me.  The boyos bartered a knife for dinner at Poitin for all of us.  The boyos of Serenity Knives were stoked. 

I was quite pleased because I knew who was feeding me.  I have met most of the chefs from Poitin because they have a relationship with all the boyos.  They had fed us nibbles before but never a sit down meal.  The nibbles were excellent so I figured dinner would be lovely.  I would say that it was the best meal I have eaten out in Houston in over ten years.  

Why do I say that it was the best meal I have eaten out?  I have been to most of the buzz worthy restaurants in Houston.  I like to eat and I have boyos in my life who make knives for chefs.  The flavors coming out of the kitchen from Poitin are as a good as any.  The last meal I had that tasted that good in town was Oxheart.  B&B's is close, especially if you want steak.  But I walked away from Poitin full.  After Oxheart, I could have had tea and toast at home.  And Poitin actually served pots of decent tea.

Why all the pictures of bread?  I feed AJ bread when he is hear.  Dom snitches it from him if he brings it into the kitchen.  They wanted to show me what their new French pastry chef can do.  Their opinion, she is good but I might be a tad better.  They could be being kind.

Dom is developing the English Muffins for a truffle challenge he is doing.  They are probably the best English muffin I have ever eaten.  I probably should not have eaten the bread or English muffin before the rest of the meal but they were so proud.  

This is about how every plate looked about the time I thought about taking a picture.  It smelled and looked so good and the taste topped it!  I got the recipe for the soup.  AJ told us how to make the catfish.  Dom said he would give me the recipe for the English muffins but I know where he got his ideas.  We talked.

It was a lovely evening.  Excellent food.  Good people.  Good conversation.  I had tea.  It was a quiet Wednesday so we did not feel rushed.  And AJ said to plan three hours.  He was planning on feeding us!  We must have been fed half the menu.  So good.  If I get asked where I want to go for my birthday dinner, Poitin.

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