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and then....

My body crashed yesterday.  I got up.  My morning walk went well.  Tea and food happened.  Bread was started.  Yarn was spun.  And then, intense pain and exhaustion.  I laid down and slept for two or three hours.  There was one point I came away enough to notice and remember a crunch noise/feeling when I stretched.  

I know I have been overdoing.  I know there has been change.  I know there has been stress.  I should not have been surprised at all and really was not.  I was more frustrated with the timing.  My body could not have waited until evening?

When I woke up from the nap, I really was not moving.  Hobbling across the house to make tea or go to the bathroom was about my limit.  But I could sit in my rocking chair next to my basket of yarn.  I got cuddles from Koda Bear when he needed a break from playing and he is healing as well.  He took a fall the day before which pulled a muscle in his groin.  There are times you can tell it is still grabbing him.

The blanket I am making for Ziggy Monster grew.  It is blues and greys.  All leftover bits, gifted bits, or homespun bits.  I like how it is turning out.  Koda Bear has a similar one that I made him before he was born.  It is blue.  It is based on a pattern I saw on Purl Soho.  Except it was a knitting pattern.  I, of course, changed it to crochet.  It becomes a very soft blanket.

It was about my speed yesterday.  Today, I am doing all the things I can before I crash again. We promised Koda Bear we would finish opening Christmas presents today so I have to be away enough for that tonight.  One step at a time!

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