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a quiet 4th of July

I had a quiet day yesterday.  Yes, it was the 4th of July.  Independence day.  I try not to be political here but I am not very happy with my elected officials.  I have done what I am able and will continue to do what I am able.  It is very frustrating where I am in a precinct and state where it is very obvious that my elected officials do not wish to know what I think.  I do vote though.  And I will continue too.  I will keep making the offer to feed people who have more energy or are more extroverted then I am.

On top of politicians, it rained and flooded yesterday.  We were traveling to friends so the journey was taken with care and we arrived safely.  Then it was just a quiet day.  These friends we can have a conversation with all day but also do not feel the need to talk if we do not wish.  Or even do anything.  

After the rains stopped, the sun came out a little bit.  The sunset was gorgeous.  There was fireworks up and down the beach.  Some of those were probably planned by a municipality but most were just every day people.  

It was a good day.

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