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mid steps

Now that I can stand for any length of time again, I am cutting paper.  So exciting!  Not really but it very much part of the process.  I was planning to do this last week but the body work I had done actually put me down.  I love the idea of body work or massage but most times it is not good for me.  It pushed back the paper cutting by a week.  I am also going to need to order more paper the next time I am printing.

I realized that I have been wearing my new colorful shawl a lot.  The cream sweater I made awhile back is lovely but I do not wear it.  I realized it is because it is mostly too warm.  I had some of that yarn leftover and I started a different style sweater.  Still a cardigan but looser.  More like a shawl in shape.  I just want something I wear more often. 

I have gotten to the point that I go through my closets, drawers, and stash before I even think about going to buy supplies for a dress, shawl, or sweater.  I like the materials I make something with but I do not always like the end product.  There is another sweater that may become a shawl as well.  I will admit that the dress I am wearing today is wearing out.  This fabric may be something I try to find again but it has been so many years that I might not find a brown turquoise combination.  

I put fabric in water to get ready for dyeing.  There are squares to be laid out.  Everything is in the mid step of making.  But I did sell a knife roll yesterday.  I need to make another.  Maybe I will start that tomorrow!

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