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This has been a crazy week!

Tuesday, when I normally post, I was on the computer to do corporate work.  I am going back into the corporate world for a short time.  Dealing with the crazy from that this week, more then just Tuesday, makes me wonder if it is the right path.  It is supposed to be a short contract and I can decide afterwards how much more I wish to do.

That same day, a cold front came through and I got chilled.  Not a big deal unless you are like me and already had an ear infection.  That floored me a bit.  My thoughts have not been very straight until today.  My energy has been extremely low.  

I started to feel a bit better yesterday.  But I still could not bring myself to work on the computer.  I just wanted to sit and do quiet things.  Until I went to the climbing gym and learned how to judge.  It is a bit more straightforward then judging any form of ice skating.  It was a national competition and I did not realize how big of a deal it was until I got on the internet afterwards and looked up some of the names and faces of people I saw climb.  My impression was that is was a lot less back stabbing then ice skating!  I would volunteer to judge in the future.  It was very cool I was learning to judge on one of the harder problems (the bouldering climb).

So why did I title this post gratitude?  Because I am leaving tomorrow to be with family for Thanksgiving.  And celebrate my Dad's 90th birthday.  The picture of the hands is just a small subset of the people I am grateful for in my life.  Who support my crazy.  The people in my life are very special and I do not take them for granted. 

That is why it is so important to celebrate my Dad next week.  I did find out that chocolate angel food cake is his favorite birthday cake.  I always thought it had to be somebody else's.  But then, I do not really like cake.

I will be back in this space after Thanksgiving.  I will be entering the crazy of the corporate world again.  That may take some adjustment so please forgive me if it is odd around here.  I am going to try to continue coaching because I like it better then an office.  And printing!  And dyeing!  And just creating and making.  

Thank you for all who read my words.  You are appreciated and I am grateful for you.

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