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working on my shop

I sew, crochet, and spin every day.  Items that are repetition that are going into my Etsy shop.  Repetition of shape not fabric.  I am not good about updating the shop here.  Probably because I reach my computer limit most days!  I am looking for an outside the house job to support my traveling habit.  Which means more computer time.  Suggestions are accepted.

I get to the point in the summer where I do not wish to do much anymore.  It is just heat and ready for a change of season.  There are times that summer feels like it is nine months here.  

If it were to cool down a bit and I put enough bug spray on I would be comfortable working in my garden.  Or walking the beach.  The beach needs bug spray currently.  I do wish there was surf but I will probably be traveling when that happens here.  It is the season of fiber fairs and I hope to go to a few this year.  Spinning everyday has been good for me.  Part of the yarns are going into my shop as goods.  Some of them are becoming sweaters at home.  

I feel like arm holes and sleeves take more concentration then the rest of the sweater.  I actually have a sweater I might be able to post about next week.  I will need to go for a button search because what was in my button box did not work.  But the sleeves and arm holes are done!  And the sleeves fit!  I had to rip them out a few times because I wished to be able to wear a sleeve under the sweater.  But I am pleased.  And it is soft.  I am crocheting edging right now so buttons this weekend.

Thanks for listening to the babble!

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