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a better creative space

I spent most of the weekend pricing storage.  Pondering.  Making decisions.  Twice to IKEA.  But in the end, I have a much better creative space.  I no longer sew in front of the air conditioning so I am hoping that I will get a chance to feel like my lungs heal.

I feel like I have a space of my own even though it is Koda Bear's room when he is here.

I have two bookshelves full of fabric and projects.  I have a lot of fabric though I did not get rid of as much as I expected.  And some of the dresses that were ready to be cut up ended up in the wash so I can wear them again.  It is interesting what time does.

I even got my worktable cleaned off.  I still need to take everything out from the shelves underneath it but I have space on top.  I come from a long line of pilers.  Flat surfaces and piles will be made.  The dining room table has been cleaned off for a week!  It helps to have less stuff but even then I can create piles.  But now I have a place to cut out fabric again.

With a little bit different light.  A little bit different angle.  A place for myself.   I need two lamps.  Some day that will happen but I got to the point yesterday where that is enough.  And it was.

This makes me happy.


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