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The reason I went to Estes Park was to look at fiber.  I knew the chance to see my best friend was such a long shot that it would not happen but after missing SAFF I so wished to go.  

Things I learned at Estes:  I do not like how llama and alpaca smell in enclosed spaces.  I almost got sick.  I am a sheep and goat person.  The pretty sheep above were for sale. 

I bought two bags of fiber that were from a Blue Faced Leichester/Shetland mix from Black Bar Farm and an unprocessed Bond sheep fleece from Gleason's Fine Woolies.  I was so excited.  I wanted to start spinning right away!  But I really needed to start heading home.  (More mountains in the background.  Already so missed!)

Once I got home and unpacked, the boyos verbally downloaded their life without me, I sat with one of the Blue Face Leichiester/Shetland fleeces from a sheep named Rain.  It is such a lovely dark brown.  I have spun a bobbin of yarn every day I have been back.  I am thinking that I would like a turtleneck like an old JCrew sweater I had in graduate school.  I am also thinking it may go very well with the yellow roving I bought.  I might not have enough of the grey yarn I was making for the sweater I was thinking of.  I am babbling I know.  It is how my head is working tonight.  Exhaustion has hit. 

The white roving may become a yoga rug.  I am making one for my best friend and I am changing my mind as I spin on how wish to put it together.  Welcome to my head.

I need to get into my garden and sit at my sewing machine.  There has been so much rain and heat that there are many weeds and mossie.  And I always have quilts to work on.  There are just not enough hours in the day.


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