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napkins to be made

I like to sew.

I like to make presents.

We are going to a house warming on Saturday so I am making napkins.  These are what I make for every day around the house and basic wedding/house warming type presents.  We use them all the time around here.  I even put them in my lunch bag when I go to work.  That way I do not have to use paper at work and I never buy paper for the house.  It is always so interesting when you have company and they ask for a paper towel when there is a spill.  They look at the cloth towel very strangely.

What I do for these napkins, is cut a flour sack towel in quarters.  My favorite are actually the ones from Sur La Table.  They are the best quality I have found so far but also the most expensive.  I keep looking.  

I then finish the raw edges and applique a fabric strip to them.  I keep thinking of other ideas and I know I will get there but these are fast and easy.

These are the best sewing scissors I have ever owned.  I have two sizes and these are the smaller.  I believe they are six inches long.  They are the Japanese brand ´╗┐´╗┐Shozaburo and we got them from Carter Cutlery.  Yes, they are expensive but I highly recommend them.


Here is a picture of the raw edges getting finished.  I usually get to sew for about ten minutes a day.  Today will be a better day because I will get a few more.  That is a good thing because I find sewing relaxing and this week has been a tad stressful.

It is not over yet.  More pictures to come of the finished napkins.  There will be a dozen when I am done.


Teahouse work party weekend number 1

The Wolf decided to have a work party for the Teahouse this weekend.  And what is a Teahouse you ask?  It is a less then 70 round foot cob straw bale structure in our backyard.  With how small it is, it means it does not need a permit.  Why are we doing this?  To have a sanctuary from the world and the city in our backyard as well as letting us know if we really like this form of natural building and its results.  The stick house on our property will be used for workspaces and when our best friend is not working of a film set. 

The Wolf is also working on the columns for the gazebo/forge.  In may end just being a forge but we are going to try to have it as an outdoor sitting space and kitchen as well.
I got elected to cook.  Friday was chocolate black bean chili and Saturday/Sunday was chana masala.
I have actually been under the weather with a virus so I have not had a lot of energy to help.  Plus there are normal weekend errands to run and the Lady is not to fall off the wall!  Yes, I have fallen off the wall when it was shorter and I will never live it down.  I went to the farmer's market for eggs and Indian food for the Wolf.   He joined me for the library and fabric shopping after he was done for the day with the work party.  The library is our favorite entertainment source:  books, dvds, and cds.  We do not have to store them and that is fabulous.
Most of the people who have seen the dress I finished last week really liked it.  It turned out to be similar to something that would have been seen in a Pride and Prejudice production.  Part of what the Wolf liked about it was the fabric so we went to look for more similar things.  We did find fabric like that and fabric for a Wolf shirt:
I had enough energy to finish a work skirt for me except for the buttons.  Buttons will happen tonight while watching Battlestar Galactica:

Yes, I do work on a treadle sewing machine. 

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