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Me and plant dye.  I never get what I expect.  I boiled beets for an hour and got this wonderful red fluid.

But this is what I got.  Some change.  Not a lot of change.  I think I may need to add vinegar to the pot.  I also saw some posts on youtube where people peeled their beets.

Rabbit holes.  I just keep falling down rabbit holes.  But I will figure it all out.  Experimentation is life.  Or is it called play.  

I am not going to get to experiment much this month.  Koda Bear is going back to the Tall Short Person next week.  I will like getting away to Washington.  I am also thinking about going to a renegade trade show.  It will require some travel and I may get to see some of Joshua Tree National Park at the same time.  Back and then gone.  That sounds about right for me!  With time in a tent.  Life is good.



Before we had a cold snap and lots of rain, I collected rose petals in my yard and on my walk.  They were all pinks and reds.  Into a pot they went.  Then, they were strained out and silk was dyed.  I have been having fun with the plant dyeing.  

I have been asked to be very specific about what I meant about dyeing!

I never get what I expect.  These are the rose dyes.  One is just rose petals.  One is rose petals and soda ash.  Those two are the ones that look almost the same.  The green is adding iron to the rose petal infusion and silk.  I really like the green but the others I do not care for.

I have tried pumpkin guts and that was mostly gold and almost no colour at all.  I have tried to repeat the black bean which did not work.  I had let the black bean ferment a bit last time and I think that made a difference.  This is all learning which is why I found  a place to buy cheap silk.  Good quality just cheap prices.  

I think I wish to try cabbage again and beets.  I have endive infusing currently.  I do not expect much I can hope.  I am hoping for interesting greys.  The worst will be nothing.  And even that is not bad.  It is just learning.  Learning is always good.

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