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one of the rabbit holes, hats

Instagram is not always the best place for me.  Not because I get sucked in but because there are so many ideas!  I wear hats.  Mostly because I burn so easily.  I had come across artisans on Instagram that make hats.  Lovely hats.  It started because one of the hat makers uses plant dye to color her felt.  There is the logic why this rabbit hole started!  I liked what I saw and she teaches a finishing course where you can finish your own hat.  Learn a little bit.

But then, I started thinking I wanted to make my own hat.  I looked for other hat makers and found interesting ones.  Then, I found the artisans who took an old hat, refurbished it, reshaped it, and add their own personality.  That is what got me thinking.  I could do that!

I had two beaver felt hats I had not worn recently.  They were dusty and more then a bit moth eaten.  I decided I could play with these.  Also, the fur felt can be shaped many times.  It just takes steam.  And being moth eaten meant they were distressed looking without me needing to set fire to them.  Yes, that is done.

I brushed these hats well.  I got all the dust off or as much as I could.  Then, I took steam, my hands, an old t-shirt, and a potato to change their shape.  I wanted what is called an open crown.  I think of it as a round crown.  Also, I felt like the brim of the light brown hat needed some attention.  Steam and time.  Pressure but not too much.

I used a light touch and got close to the actual shape I wanted.  I can do more later but one of the cautions was not to get the felt too wet.  Hot but not wet.  I am pleased.  I cut off the hat bands and replaced them with silk ribbons.  I had purchased the ribbon many years ago.  I think it was Taos.

I have been wearing this black one around a lot.  I have turquoise earrings I wear a lot and it just fits.  Then I add a long black skirt.  Or the blue cotton one I made?  I feel put together.

This one took longer to dry because of the brim.  I will probably do more work on both hats soon.  I got the hat band on it today.  It will be my go to hat when I wear less black!  The brim is wider as well so it is better for the sun.

Now, I have two hats I can change the hat bands on them easily.  I can look for small things that I wish to use to create new hat bands.  I especially thought it would be cool while I travel to find new bits for hat bands.  Or they may stay as they are.  I really like the ribbons.

There are other rabbit holes I am going down which will probably cause those hat bands to change.  It is all good.  I am thinking about making an autumn/winter coat.  And pigment.  I wish to play with more dye and pigment!  Even hunt for pigment.  With the coat I might make myself.  I am looking at fabric that is also in the blues I have been liking.  Just babbling now.  I will have to see what else gets done this week.  I have the boys a lot.