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new crochet hooks

When we travel, I have a tendency to check out new yarn shops because I do not particularly care for the ones I have found close to home.

And I usually have Russell with me so he can pick out yarns.  And this time I have two new crochet hooks.

This is the yarn that Russell picked out for socks.  It is Cascade Yarn's wool sock yarn.  I definitely needed a new hook!  Here it is.  This does not show how tiny it truly it is.

I picked up some magnum yarn by Cascade yarns and need an N hook.  I am making a sweater with this.

Here is is without sleeves.  I started from the top and worked my way down.  There are no sleeves on it here.  I added an extra stitch every other row on the front two panels to create some interest.  I also added a mandarin collar.  I also finished the front edge with a single stitch.

I finished the sleeves.  It just needs a zipper or buckles down the front.  I have to decide.



Today is the first day of autumn.

And this is what is outside my "door."  I am feeling extremely spoiled.

This is Panamint Cafe Mobil Unit Two or in another words, our travel trailer where I create yummy goodness for our tummies.  Russell would not know what to do if we had to go out to eat all the time.  We are seeing a lot of his brother and we are having to eat out.  How odd!  It means he will probably not get the choice to eat out again for months!

I finished the afghan I was working on the drive here.  For finishing it, it was advantageous that we had a tire disintegrate but that was not helpful for nerves.  You cannot see the damage to Aria (Panamint Cafe Mobil Unit 2) because I was very careful with picture.  That gave me the time to finish the last few rows but we were very ready to get to our "home."


mellow afghan

Today was a cruddy Monday.  I will never understand people and I am at the point I do not wish to.  I have been finding a lot of comfort working with these:

They are Fisherman Wool yarn from Lion's Brand.  I have been working on this afghan:

with them.  It is turning out surprisingly soft.  And I find, just like nine squares or spinning, it brings me a lot of peace to work on them.  Peace is a good thing.


beautiful warmth

Russell and I did a mad dash to Austin last weekend.  While we were there, I was able to stop at a yarn store that was supposed to have spinning rovings.  They did but what caught my fancy was yarn.

It is an olive solid and then a mulit color that has the same lama in it.  The yarn store had the Collonade pattern from Fall 2009 knitty.com.  Yes, this is a knit pattern but I changed it to crochet.  I doubled the yarn so it is a bit larger then the original.

Russell made me a button!  It is desert walnut that he milled himself.

I see this shawl keeping me warm while we sit together in winter and I am doing hand work.  Or wearing under my apron while I am busy in the kitchen.  It is heavy and it will keep between my shoulder blades warm which is where I seem to get cold.

I am so excited!  Twelve inches of snow tomorrow and I get to stay home please! (But it is supposed to be 96) 


a new addiction

I was bored at work last Friday and reading blogs.  Mostly craft blogs that day and I came across Min Inspiration.  She was doing african flower granny squares and making them into bags.  I have to admit that I really liked the "square."

So it is a hexagon.  And at a closer look, I am not really doing the exact pattern and I changed how many colors are in it.  It is a fabulous way to use up little ends of yarn.  It does make me realize that the preferred color for many people in my life is purple.  So not a surprise.  I do think I will make these into a bag.  I was thinking about lining it with muslin so nothing could fall out as well as putting another motif on the inside as a pocket.  I am going to put two together and make myself a clutch.  The forever shawl may never finish at this rate.