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Orange sweater

I have been wanting an orange sweater.  A cardigan type sweater in particular.  I even went shopping to see if I could find one and I could not.  So I asked for yarn for my birthday.

So part of the gift was twelve skeins of pumpkin Lion wool.  It is not the softest wool but I just really wanted to see if I could make what I wanted.  I went to the Lion's Brand website and used their Essential Jacket pattern in crochet.

I am actually very pleased with how it turned out.  Russell is going to make me a button out of desert walnut once his drill press is setup.  The sleeves are the perfect length and it is a good weight.  I wore it to work today with my new work skirt.  Other people liked it too.  I still need to make one in black and one in green.  It is very similar to a Patagonia sweater I have that is in the last stages of death so I am very happy this works.

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