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losing a toilet!

Saturday, I walked into our main bathroom and there was water all over the floor.  I have to admit that I was not surprised because this toilet has always been a bit finicky but this was an excuse for Russell and I to have a composting toilet instead!  We have only been wanting a composting toilet from our first natural building workshop but how to put it in a stick house and maintain it is always an interesting proposition.

On Treehugger.com last week, there was a video for the Pee and Poo show:


We were obviously talking about it when the toilet decided to rain on our parade and this video was enough to get us started.

So Russell took out the toilet on Friday night.  He cut off the outlet and capped it.  He also covered the floor with a piece of plywood.

The main piece for a composting toilet is a 5 gallon drum and you just do not wish to be seeing that.  With my assistance, Russell built a box out of birch half inch plywood, attached a toilet seat, and cut a hole in it.





Is it not beautiful?  Every time you use the toilet, you add a scoop of sawdust.  We still need to get a urine diverter and a 55 gallon drum for the backyard so it is about 80-90 percent done.  I know it is not everyone's cup of tea but this means we are not on the city sewage system and adding to the sewage problems.  After composting for one to two years, the compost can go directly in the yard.

It just makes me smile!