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This has been an interesting week since I have been home.  The weather has floored me.  We did not get as much rain as expected but the pressure front moved through in such a way that I was in a lot of pain.  My main reaction was exhaustion.  I spoke to someone else with arthritis and she said she had had the same reaction.  Doing basics was about where I was going with everything. 

We may have a cold front at the end of the week.  I am hoping I do no have the same reaction.  I am truly looking forward to some cooler weather.  It is one of the hard bits of being back.  I am ready for cool.

While I was in Washington state, I took an ecoprinting class at Ragfinery.  I was very excited about it.  I follow India Flint on Instagram (@prophet_of_bloom) and just have fallen in love with what she does.  I did not realize was the one who pioneered this technique.  I had watched what she had done enough to get an idea of maybe how to do it but Ragfinery was offering a class during a time I would be there.

While I was working with the scythe and chain saw, I was also collecting plants for using in dyeing.  Both for the ecoprinting and to come back and dye ribbons.  I have so much fun work to do that I feel a bit pulled in many directions.

I came out of the class with a knowledge of how to do ecoprinting.  I also came out of the class with two silk scarves, multiple strips of cotton, and a silk dress printed with plants.

Opening the bundles are like opening Christmas packages.  This is the back of the dress I printed.  I do not like the front as well but I can reprint it.  Which I may do Saturday.  I have a friend who is an art teacher who wants to learn how so I am going to teacher her.  It will also let me get pictures of the process.  I got no pictures of the process while I was in class.  It was too much fun!  I think that is the best compliment you can give a class.  Too much fun for pictures!

I want to go foraging!  Plants for prints!  I am actually planning some Christmas presents using these techniques.  I will see how it all turns out.

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