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I have known I have been a bit tired, a little off.  My body has been hurting more then normal which is partially the season.  The news and politics are just depressing and sad.  On top of all of this, I tweaked my hip Thursday night. 

How badly?  I slept a lot of Friday and hardly moved Saturday.  It was the best for the pain.  I decided it was a weekend to be quiet.  When I could sit, I worked on a couple large projects that are just taking time.  I laugh at myself because everything I do takes more time then you would think.  I had a chef today tell me I needed to open a bakery but then his favorite bread that I bake takes three days to make.  I just laugh.  He still wishes to learn to bake.  That is going to be some work for me.

Even before I wrote the tutorial on how to ecoprint, I have been wanting to make more bundles.  See what happens if.  When I go into a new area lately, I check out the thrift stores to see what I can find in the linen sections.  I have been spending less then $10 on fabrics to play with.  But standing until today meant that it felt like bone on bone in my hip and I just did not make it very long.  Today, I was able to collect some leaves, acorns, sticks, and moss to see what will come of it.

I changed the mordant on the cotton to tea and iron.  It made the cotton go grey, almost purple immediately.  I have a layer of silk in there as well which I made sure was well saturated with the vinegar solution.  I created two bundles and they are now sitting on my work table in a bowl.  I am very tempted to leave them there fro a few days and see what happens.  Or leave them resting before I steam them to see what happens.  I am in the see what happens stage of experimentation.  

I need to post about some of my other works in progress but the ability to take a walk for some leaves, make some bundles and wait, is very healing in the craziness that is this society currently.  Quiet.  A still place.

I do think I need more pockets though!  I am thinking about making the forager vest from Taproot, Issue 28, so I have pockets for gathering and yarn.  I do know that when my skirts start falling apart or get stained, part of the witchy will be more pockets!  I love having two.  I do need more.

This is kind of a babble. I should apologize.  It is where my head is.  I am living in a cabin in the mountains in my head which not where life is around me everyday.  It is keeping me sane but it does mean that I need words to other beings at times.

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