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Tres Leches

I had friends who had a Cinco De Mayo party.  I asked if I could bring anything and desert was suggested.  I misread the text and brought the wrong desert but oh well.  We laughed and had two Tres Leches.  

What was interesting was that our recipes were very different.  I used one from Pioneer Woman.  I will just point you there if you want the recipe.  

I did tweak it a little bit.  "Dirty" sugar is now the in thing but it has actually been the sugar of choice lately in our house.  When we went to the Boucherie last autumn, we met sugar producers in Louisiana and have been purchasing their sugar when they have some in stock.  Basically, it is a non-bleached granulated cane sugar.  It has just a bit of molasses note.

The other thing I changed was that the recipe calls for baking powder.  I can always taste baking powder and I do not like the flavor so I changed it to a teaspoon of baking soda and a teaspoon of cream of tartar.  It worked well.

And it was a very yummy cake.  I only had one bite but it was good.  But remember, I do not particularly care for cake so why would I have a whole piece?  I put strawberries on top instead of cherries.

I was told the two Tres Leches were very different but we had people eating two slices, alternating bites.  I would say that was a win.

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