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started bitters

I received the Issue 21 of Taproot.  My thoughts about this magazine are always a bit divided.  There are just enough good ideas for me to keep subscribing.  Part of my divided thoughts are that there is a counter culture type vibe going on with it and I just feel they try a bit hard.  Maybe because I have already lived through it before.  But I guess it says something when I pull out my flour mill to make fresh flour for soy sauce.  Been there, done that.  Just relax.

This issue had an article on making your own bitters which I have been thinking about doing.  To add another steeping jar of bits on the counter.  Why not?  I saved the peels from the mandarin oranges Koda Bear eats by the dozen.  I went through my spice shelf and pulled a few things.  I added a bit of honey.

Brandy, mandarin orange, mandarin orange peel, four vanilla beans, a knob of peeled ginger, six cardamon pods, ten whole cloves, six whole allspice, and a tablespoon of honey or so into a jar.  I shake it occassionally but it is supposed to sit until next month.  Then we will see.  To add to drinks.  To settle tummies.  To help with digestion.  I like the idea of making my own.

I will just have to see how it all turns out in about a month.

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