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an antique rose or pink

Before I left for the mountain, I started to play with some plant dye.  I had hibiscus on my tea shelf (in a one kilo bag) and decided to give it a go.  I took two cups of hibiscus if I remember correctly with four cups of water and a good glug of salt.  Yes, that is really how I measure unless I am writing down a recipe.  You should have seen the teriyaki recipe I texted to a friend.

I simmered and steeped some of the silk ribbon I made in the hibiscus infusion.  Next time, I might put it in its own bag just so I do not have to clean off so much hibiscus.

I let it dry.  Pressed it.  Found some cotton batiste in my stash.

I cut out some lace motifs from the leftovers of the last lace I used and put the chemise together.  I love the colors.  The gold tone with the antique rose.  

Not something that goes easily under most dresses but a fun experiment.  I have washed it and so far the ribbon has not ran.  It will be a continue experiment as I wear it more.  I think I may start looking into how to crochet my own lace because I want something just a bit different and then I could dye it as well.

I am finding on my walks through the woods, I am starting to wonder how much of that plant I would have to collect to see what color it would create.  I need to order some cheaper silk to play with but that may wait until this weekend when I have more of a chance to go through fabric samples.  Life is very crazy right now.

My truck got a tune up so I may just disappear to Estes.  There is a natural dyer who will be presenting her goods there and I am curious.  The question is can I put enough of a kit together to do it.  I read and watch too much British drama and mysteries.


hibiscus ribbons

Now that I made silk ribbons, I wanted to try dyeing them.  I pulled out some hibiscus we have for tea and put it to boil with a bit of water, salt, and vinegar.

I then let the ribbons simmer for about 15 minutes when the mixture came to a boil.  I wanted colour but not too much colour.  Pale.

Pulling the ribbons out of the dye bath I thought they might be too dark but knew I needed to wait until they dried.

They turned out this antique type pink.  There is a bit of marble going on.  I learned the hard way they are not color fast for a bit of steam and green comes up but I do like them.  Next time I may try for a paler, paler pink.  There will be a next time.

I pulled out a bit of cotton batiste that I have had in my stash for much too long.  And the extra bits of lace from the lace chemise got cut up and added.  I have a hard time wasting any bits of lace.

It is not the most finished chemise to ever be made.  But I used what I had and had a blast.  It was fairly successful which I definitely needed.  Too many unsuccessful projects recently.  I will say that I am now thinking about crocheting my own lace.  Like I need another craft.

The mountain awaits next week so I will not be in this space for awhile.  I am coming back with a Koda Bear and I am very pleased.  I just wish to take too many projects with me!  When I come back, the Teahouse may be transformed into a dye studio.  I have already been told some of what I am "cooking" does not smell very good and then if ribbons need to soak for 24 hours!  Comments are made.

Maybe I will come back with a finished project.  Like a sweater!  Or yarn spun!

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