I also have an Etsy store:  PanamintHandmade  

It does get updated more often then this shop.


Custom quilts available.  Please see last post.


Custom quilt

You can purchase a nine square block quilt of dominant colour and size of your choosing.  It would be similar to the other quilts I have for sale.  

The quilt is machine washable and dryable.  I wash tap cold and normally hang dry but that has more to do with washing preferences.  With care, I have had a quilt of this type last for over 30 years.

The starting price is $750 plus $20 shipping.  A deposit of $500 is required and that time I will need your contac information.  At the size of the quilt increases, so does the price and shipping cost.

For any questions, please contact me at elizabeyta @ panaminthandmade.com for all options  

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