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Grey cotton craft bag with thistles

This is a craft/project bag that I have made.  I use these bags myself for crocheting and embroidery that I wish to carry around with me.  It would work as well for other projects or crafts that you wish to carry around with you.


The bag sits about 8 inches high when it is holding work.  The top opening is 20 inches in circumference.  The bags widest dimension is about 30 inches in circumference.  There is a pocket on the outside and a pocket on the inside.  The straps are about 34 inches long but loop so there is only about 16 to 17 inches in length.  The bag hits me at the hip when I am carrying it by itself.  There is a loop closure and a pinecone button.



The bag is a grey cotton that is lined with a green toned thistle print.

The bag flattens down well for when it is not in use.

I have been told it would make a lovely evening bag so contact me if you might wish different fabrics.

The bag is $25 with $7 shipping.



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