laughing at myself
Tuesday, August 27, 2019 at 2:52PM
elizabeyta in crochet, sweater

While I was supervising on the mountain, I was working on the sweater I had started this summer.  One of three actually but the one that was closest to being finished.  I missed judged how large the arm holes needed to be.

Because I worked this top down.  Because I always want the sleeves completely finished because I have had problems in the past.  I had not really checked the fit for the armhole until the very end.  I was getting ready to put on the bottom binding.  I tried that sweater on and laughed!  So hard!  Way too much underarm!

So pulled out the sweater.  Until what is pictured was left.  The crazy thing was that I had many of the correct measurements written down.  I would not have had to do this if I just followed my own notes!  I am back to having one sleeve finished and the arm hole seems to be a much better fit.  But I will not know for sure until I have the other sleeve finished and more of the body done.  Slowly.

I have been adjusting to being back.  Lots of curves in this road this week but I have a feeling it will be okay in the end.  Deep breaths and being patient are what it is going to take.

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