keeping between my shoulder blades warm
Tuesday, July 2, 2019 at 2:33PM
elizabeyta in crochet

When I went to the fiber fair in Estes Park, one of the ladies I buy fleece from was wearing a small poncho.  Knitted of course.  I think of ponchos as something usually rather large.  That cover to your hands and possibly to your knees.  But this just went to her elbows.  It got me thinking.  It would keep the spot between my shoulder blades warm (which is where I get cold) in all of the summer air conditioning and would allow me to put my hands in bread dough with out worrying about where the poncho was.  Or the swearter sleeves.

I had some beautiful yarn that I came to the realization that I was not going to wear what I was making out of it.  Maybe someday I will wear a crocheted dress but not any time soon.  I pulled my cables apart and started a poncho.  I even worked on it in a coffee shop drinking tea!  Not very characteristic of me anymore.

I rarely go out for tea or coffee anymore though I used to.  It is a nice place.  A place where I do not know anyone so I can have solitude in a group of people.  I enjoy that.

It was a quick crochet.  I am almost wearing the same outfit currently.  I like short sleeves on shirts but need something to cover a bit of my arms.  This works. 

I may end up adding some more length over time.  The one Elena made was a bit bigger.  A different process in the making as well.  If I do add more length, I will probably end up dying some yarn with purple cabbage to complement but not match.  Or add some grey yarn made from one of Elena's fleeces.  I am washing some now and need to spin.

So many ideas.  All I know is I am currently wearing this poncho and loving it.  It may seem strange but it is a very old fashioned idea.  I like it!  I am planning to make something similar for my best friend.  Again, I am not going to use the yarn I have like I thought I was.  I will share more pictures as it changes over time.  Because I do believe it will!

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