and the plant dye comes out
Sunday, February 3, 2019 at 4:40PM
elizabeyta in plant dye

I am the crazy lady who goes to the thrift store to buy baby clothes.  Ziggy Monster has worn mostly thrift store clothes so far.  Because I do not buy newborn clothes new and he was a bit small.

But I did buy some organic cotton onesies to dye.  In two different sizes.  And I also have some quilt cotton fabric that I am going to make a comforter for him.  I got the idea from India Flint who makes silk and cotton quilts for the babies in her life.  She prints them with eucalyptus but the Tall Person did not like that idea.

My Dad bought me a new dye pot at the hardware shop near him.  He showed off the one he bought himself and he had thought that it would be perfect for dying so he got me one.  Since my dye pot has become a bey blade stadium, I can no longer scoff.

I pulled some indigo out of my indigo pot and dyed four onesies a light blue.

The fabric really did not dye as dark as the onesies but that is okay.  It is no longer white.  Which is the whole goal.

I then got the purple cabbage out.  Added water, salt, and iron.  Boiled for a hour.  Strained.  Add four onesies and another piece of fabric.

The cabbage is a purple grey which is what I was looking for.

Again, not white.  Also boy without being so baby.  I can always dye them again if I need to but right now I need to see what they actually wash out too.

The quilt is next.  Soon, I will be done with the current list of projects for Ziggy Monster.  I think it will be nice to work on something else.

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